IHBC Scotland Branch responds to Planning (Scotland) Bill… Memorandum

IHBC consultations webpageThe IHBC’s Scotland Branch has offered ‘Written evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Finance and Constitution Committee on the Planning (Scotland) Bill Financial Memorandum’, highlighting the need for ‘greater resources and skills… [for] Planning Authorities’; more effective engagement with communities, ‘starting right at the survey stage of Local Development Plans’, and highlighting ‘low public confidence in the Scottish Planning System’ despite its ‘key role in the design and delivery of a sustainable Scotland’.

IHBC Scotland’s Consultations Panel Secretary Charles Strang said: ‘Two years of consultation on proposed changes to the Scottish Planning System have thus far been a triumph of hope over experience, underlined by the resultant Bill provisions which initially are to be considered by the Parliament’s local government and finance committees.’

‘The Institute’s Scotland Branch waits to see if these MSPs will take up none, some, or all of our points of evidence to them. Surely sustainable development, properly resourced and skilled planning authorities, and effective enforcement are widely-held, reasonable expectations of any amended Scottish planning system. These views are consistent within our sector.’

‘It seems to us that rather than the current ‘enabling’ and cost-shaving proposals – at best indifferent to the historic built environment – a more comprehensive approach, rooted in the planning processes of Patrick Geddes and resulting in a new Scottish Planning Act, would have a greater chance of recapturing the confidences of communities of place and interest, currently unconvinced that much of the Scottish Planning System works for them.’

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