IHBC CPD in Context: Traditional paving and its contribution to our experience – Bath

Bath AbbeyDaisy Nelson and Sarah Richardson explore Bath Abbey, with more than 8,500 bodies buried beneath it, which is being repaired, stabilised and provided with a geothermally sourced underfloor heating system.

The authors write:

‘The Abbey is an important space for the modern city. Religious use is but a part of the many activities that take place in the building. Open to tourists daily except for services and special events, it is used for concerts, organ recitals and choral events, and for hosting ceremonies such as university graduations, and music and singing sessions for children. These uses put a strain on the internal configuration of the furniture and the strength of the floor, and illustrate the ineffectiveness of the heating system’.

‘The Abbey authorities have a plan: ‘the Bath Abbey Footprint’. Its aim is to modernise the welfare and leisure facilities; expand the service and interpretation space; update the rehearsal space for the choir; house the archives; highlight the archaeology; and upgrade the floor and the heating system. The survey of ledger stones by Abbey and NADFAS volunteers extended to the whole floor when more than 50 volunteers captured information on the condition, inscription and position of each stone. The Abbey proposes to use the stories collated from the inscriptions as part of its interpretation plans for the future configuration of the site. Fund-raising for this ground-breaking, eco-friendly underfloor-heating challenge continues’.

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