EU Ministers of Culture adopt Davos Declaration: ‘Towards a European vision of high-quality Baukultur’ – includes process with outcome

Declaration of Davos websiteAt the Conference of EU Ministers of Culture on 22 Jan 2018, the ‘Davos Declaration’ was adopted: ‘Towards a European vision of high-quality Baukultur’, which ‘includes not only the result of… actual construction, but also the processes that lead up to it.’

The EU Conference of Ministers of Culture writes:

‘… particularly in times of rapid global change, the importance of culture must once again take centre stage in the development and evaluation of our built environment. It is high time for the creation of a European policy of high-quality Baukultur.

In this European vision for a high-quality Baukultur, the quality of the entire built environment is seen as a strategic imperative. Cultural heritage and contemporary works form a single entity, in which cultural heritage must be protected and preserved, and the historical buildings, infrastructure and public space taken as a reference point for continuous spatial transformation and progress. High-quality Baukultur includes not only the result of this approach in terms of actual construction, but also the processes that lead up to it.

This is why, in the context of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, Switzerland has taken the initiative of highlighting the importance of high-quality Baukultur for European society, by organising an Informal Conference for the Ministers of Culture from the signatory states of the European Cultural Convention and from the observer states of the Council of Europe. The Conference stresses the necessity for a holistic approach to Baukultur, as a common good and a shared responsibility, and the urgent need for common action to improve the built environment of our cities and villages. A high-quality Baukultur will secure the quality of life in Europe, sustaining social cohesion, well-being and resilience. It will foster vibrant and mixed neighbourhoods, protect the environment and generate positive economic value.

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