Don’t forget: Check out IHBC events from across the UK in the Branches panel scroll on our new web homepage!

IHBC Branches and EventsThe IHBC’s new website and home page now boasts a dedicated search facility to explore the CPD and events our Branches are offering to all our members – CPD, talks, networking and much more.

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘This development is another example of how we are responding to issues that local members are raising with the national body at first hand, in this case through our ‘Council+’ forum.  Having tried for some time to encourage Branches to build capacity by connecting better, including through our online events calendar.’

Now we were delighted to offer a more accessible single-hub access to IHBC-related events on our Home Page, under the Branches panel.  This follows the whole-scale re-design of the web site, when we took the opportunity to add a scrolling list of IHBC Branch and Branch-related events.’

‘Now anyone can easily scroll through IHBC events from our Home page and find out what our volunteers our doing to help heritage and conservation skills, locally, and across the UK.’

‘Could we make it easier to plan your CPD and career development?  If you know how, let us know too and we’ll see what we can do.’

See the IHBC’s calendar of events 

Visit the IHBC’s homepage

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