Civic Voice’s free events: Share WWI Memorials Programme stories, in its final year

CV War Memorial imageThe stories are from the project, led by Civic Voice as part of the national commemorative events, to help conserve and protect the nation’s war memorials for the long term, and ensure there are skilled volunteers available to assess there condition and take steps to preserve them in the proper way.

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Civic Voice blogs:

We want… to recognise that it is the final year of the First World War Memorials programme. We want to show that the First World War centenary is engaging with new audiences. We also need to consider, once the First World War commemorations are finished, how we ensure people to stay involved in the historic environment sector.

We want to stimulate a debate about how the country is commemorating the First World War; and what the legacy from the commemorations will be, and how that influences the issues facing the historic environment in the future and the role communities can play in that. Discussions will centre on how we can recruit a new frontline of volunteers to conserve the nation’s historic environment, 100 years on.

The first event is at Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery, which was opened by HRH Prince Henry on 15th October 1925 and serves as a lasting reminder of those who lost their lives during the First World War. To view a video of the grand unveiling of the war memorial, visit British Pathe.  Following on from Stockport, we travel to Coventry Cathedral (picture above).  Coventry Cathedral is known all over the world as an icon of peace and reconciliation, and a truly stunning venue. Designed by architect Sir Basil Spence following the bombing of the city in 1940, the New Cathedral was opened in 1962, and contains some of the finest examples of 1950’s and 60’s art and architecture in the country.

You will hear from some of the inspiring volunteers about the ways they are commemorating the First World War.  You will also have the chance to hear speakers from Civic Voice, Historic England, Imperial War Museums and War Memorials Trust. We hope you will be inspired to go back to your own community to identify and record the condition of your own memorials as the nation remembers the fallen 100 years on.

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