IHBC @ 100+ articles on DBW! From ‘London Churches after the fire’ to the IHBC on HER data, and beyond…

DBW IHBC list of articlesMore than 100 articles from the IHBC – ranging from member journal Context content to IHBC research on data for Historic Environment Records (HERs) – now feature on our partner service Designing Buildings Wiki (DBW), the construction industry knowledge base.

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘Our partner service through Designing Buildings Wiki now reaches more 3.5 million users; 900,000 page views a month; 7700 registered users and 5800 articles.  The IHBC’s heritage leadership on that free, Wiki-based information service means that the hard work producing critical heritage and conservation CPD in Context, as well as the institute’s own project research and advisory programmes, reach directly into the heart of the construction and development sector – exactly where we, and our members, need to be most active’.

‘Regular headline features on DBW from Context – ranging from post-great fire London Churches, to posts from our Worcester School – ensure that our hard-working Context Editorial Board members really do make a difference by supporting conservation objectives and outcomes on the ground.

‘Similarly, embedding our own research and resources on the Wiki, as a heritage thread through our own Conservation Wiki platform, means that even our more specialist operations – from the IHBC’s exemplary heritage consultancy activities to our tools and standards provided through our Toolbox – can be easily accessed directly by the mainstream construction sector.’

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