IHBC welcomes ‘Landscape and Urban Planning Special Issue’: Patrick Geddes’ legacy in the new millennium

Landscape and urban planning cover 2017Following the IHBC’s featuring of Patrick Geddes in our recent ‘Conservation and Urbanism’ issue of Context, the new Landscape and Urban Planning Special Issue also features Patrick Geddes, and includes an ‘open access’ (free) article: ‘Thinking organic, acting civic: The paradox of planning for Cities in Evolution’ by Mike Batty & Stephen Marshall.

Their article includes:

  • Patrick Geddes introduced the theory of evolution to city planning over 100 years ago.
  • His evolutionary theory departed from Darwin in linking collaboration to competition.
  • He wrestled with the tension between bottom-up and top-down action.
  • He never produced his magnum opus due the inherent contradictions in his philosophy.
  • His approach resonates with contemporary approaches to cities as complex systems.

See more content and background, and download the free article from the Science Direct website


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