IHBC’s ‘Heritage from the doorstep’: Former High Wycombe library could become offices after years of standing empty

High Wycombe Library Bucks Free Press websiteA former library on Queen Victoria Road in High Wycombe, which has stood empty for a number of years, could be turned into offices, according to the county council.

image Bucks Free Press website

Bucks Free Press writes:

The 1930s former library on Queen Victoria Road will be renovated, restored and given a new lease of life by Bucks County Council. The building has stood empty since the library service was moved to the Eden Shopping Centre in 2008 and has fallen into disrepair.  A number of options have been considered for its future over the years, including putting it up for sale or handing it over to a charitable trust, but so far none of those options have come through.  The county council now wants the historic town centre building to be used for a ‘wide range’ of purposes, including offices and community use and is now in the process of refurbishment.

The council wants to keep the building’s iconic neo-Georgian and Art Deco features while restoring the roof, refurbishing the windows, replace the toilets, heating and electric systems and install a lift to make it accessible.  So far, the county council has removed a covenant on the building, repaired the roof to make it watertight and removed asbestos.

The county council is currently awaiting a licence to give builders access to the rear of the building and then a planning application for change of use from a library to offices will be submitted.  The details were revealed after Cllr Julia Wassell asked cabinet member for resources, Cllr John Chilver, for an update on progress ahead of a full council meeting on Thursday morning.

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