Pressure mounts on Plymouth council to sort crumbling Palace Theatre

Plymouth Herald website 171117Plymouth Council says it is ‘actively investigating’ ways of improving look of Plymouth’s Palace Theatre as a campaigner has pleaded with council chiefs to force the owners of the Palace Theatre to carry out urgent repairs so it finally stops blighting Union Street.

The Herald writes on 1 November:

Palace Theatre supporter Adrian Bridgman put council officials Ian Bowyer and Patrick Nicholson on the spot at this week’s senior cabinet debate after he saw fresh pictures published in The Herald of the once majestic Dance Academy venue looking a state. It comes after Palace boss Manoucehr Bahmanzadeh rejected a £950,000 cash bid from an entrepreneur for the iconic theatre.

Addressing councillors, Mr Bridgman said: ‘In the light of photographic evidence published in The Herald, what enforcement action will be taken under the Planning, Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas Act 1990, or other relevant legislation, to ensure that the owner repairs and maintains the Palace Theatre to an acceptable standard?’

In response, deputy Tory council boss Patrick Nicholson said officers were ‘actively investigating’ ways of ensuring the look of the building is improved and that the site is brought back into use. Cllr Nicholson highlighted work had been carried out in recent years to stop the venue crumbling further. And he insisted the city’s local plan – which identifies development opportunities across the city – supports a ‘high quality restoration’ of the Palace Theatre. It comes after the council revealed it was open to the Palace once again serving the night-time trade. He said: ‘The Palace Theatre and joining hotel are important Grade II-style listed buildings, with a prominent impact on Union Street.’…

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