Interactive map of construction activity across UK and Ireland launched

Considerate Construction mapConsiderate Constructors Scheme(CCScheme) has launched a pioneering construction map information to offer a single point of reference for construction activity across the UK and Ireland.

Ccscheme writes:

A non-profit making, independent organisation founded in 1997 by the construction industry to improve its image launches interactive map of construction. This easy to use portal provides, for the first time, anyone – whether a member of the Public, future employees, or someone already within the industry – a unique opportunity to see what is happening in the construction industry. The Map shows thousands of ‘map pins’ – currently over 12,900 – which provide visitors with the ability to:

Identify location, project name, client name and site contact details of all Scheme-Registered Sites, Ultra Sites, Companies and Suppliers.

View details of Scheme Partners, Scheme Supporters, Professional Partners, Events and National Award winners.

Search for Universities and other educational institutions offering construction-related courses.

Visitors to can search by postcode or by keyword.  When the results are presented, they can simply click on pins to find out more about that project or organisation, and also see what is happening near to where they live and work.

In time, the Map will be developed to show industry training locations and industry activities – such as Open Doors and CITB events – as well as the opportunity to be able to interact with those listed and to get updates and feedback on construction activity in the UK and Ireland. is also planned to be used by the construction industry to display jobs and apprenticeship opportunities, provide contact and website details on a particular project and promote success through Considerate Constructors Scheme National Award logos and Scheme star ratings. In addition, there will also be the opportunity for sites and companies to update their details directly to give up to date information about what they are doing.

Considerate Constructors Scheme Chief Executive Edward Hardy said: ‘Launching the very first interactive construction map is a massive achievement for both the industry and the wider Public. provides an easily usable resource to find out what’s going on and where right across the UK and Irish construction industries. Not only does it provide a single point of reference for the entire population, it gives those committed to improving the image and reputation of the construction industry an opportunity to showcase their projects and be able to demonstrate what they are doing as considerate constructors.’

‘At this stage, resources available within the Map provides a great starting point, which, over time will be expanded. The Scheme looks forward to continuing to spearhead the development of to grow its functionality and reach in becoming a central resource for everyone interested in construction activity in the UK and Ireland, and beyond’.

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See the map and read about the launch

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