IHBC with Ramboll support COTAC 2017 conference – ‘BIM for Heritage: Stepping into the Future with the Past’ – 8 December, London

COTAC 2017 flyerThe IHBC is delighted to welcome and support COTAC’s 2017 conference, ‘BIM for Heritage: Stepping into the Future with the Past’, on 8 December in London, co-sponsored with Ramboll, and offering delegates a unique overview of the challenges and benefits in heritage-related BIM practice including from recent publications and emerging case studies.

COTAC Chair Ingval Maxwell said: ‘This conference is the most recent in a series of BIM-related Annual COTAC Conferences that started in 2012.  It continues to develop and consolidate the needs of the existing built heritage stock with recent advances in the adoption of BIM principles across that sector.’

COTAC initiated an ad-hoc BIM4Conservation Group, in 2014, to raise awareness and understanding of BIM in the conservation sector of the built environment. This pioneering approach resulted in a number of formative on-line conference reports, presentations and publications on the subject of Historic BIM (HBIM) which are available on the COTAC website www.cotac.global.’

COTAC writes:

Increasingly BIM is influencing the conservation world through a more specific Historic Building Information Modelling (HBIM) approach. The event will explore how this is being promoted through recent publications and emerging case studies to review the challenges and benefits offered from such a greater uptake of knowledge transfer and related developments.

The conference topics will be of interest to those working in Heritage organisations, the Conservation, Repair and Maintenance industry sector, and Education and Training providers. Through attendance participants will gain an understanding of:

  • What guidance on a BIM for Heritage approach is available
  • Where to access relevant and emerging information
  • How Case Studies are challenging traditional approaches
  • What opportunities and changes lie ahead

The event will be held on Friday 8 December 2017 in the Ramboll Offices, 240 Blackfriars Road, London SE 1 8NW.

Bookings cost £79.55 (including the booking fee) and are being taken on the Eventbrite site – BOOK HERE

DOWNLOAD the flyer

For more on COTAC see cotac.global

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