RTPI World Town Planning Day 2017 Schools Competition: Closing World Town Planning Day – 8 Nov

RTPI world town planning dayThe Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) has announced the 2017 Schools Competition to mark World Town Planning day and its theme is ‘How would you make your local place more inclusive resilient and sustainable?, with the competition closing on World Town Planning Day: 8 November 2017.’

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RTPI writes:

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 goals defined by the United Nations to tackle the world’s biggest problems by 2030. They have been set for the regeneration of the world’s key urban areas.

Get outside and use your knowledge of Geography, Science, Design, Citizenship, Computing and the Environment to show us how you would make your local place more inclusive, resilient and sustainable. You could choose your street, a park, a shopping centre or your whole town or village. Grab your sketchbook, pens, tablet, camera or phone and create up to 5 images that show us how you make your local place more:

  • Inclusive: Planning for everyone, regardless of age, ability, gender or background.
  • Resilient: Planning for a place that strengthens our ability to respond and recover from the impacts of climate and demographic change, but also to prepare and plan for them.
  • Sustainable: Planning for a place that improves our quality of life without damaging the quality of life of future generations.

We look forward to seeing a new generation of planners help to make better places in the future!

Competition details: What should my entry look like?

Your entry should include up to five images. Each image needs a caption (maximum 100 words for each image). Please use the Entry Template.

You could include photos, drawings, collages, cartoons, diagrams, maps, graphs or charts. It’s up to you! Be as imaginative and innovative as possible. Remember to think about how to make it inclusive, resilient and sustainable.

The images and captions should tell us:

  • What your local area is like now
  • What you think your place should look like in the future
  • The problems or issues your local area might face
  • What you would do to change it for the better
  • The effect that your solution would have
  • What are the judges looking for?

We are looking for entries that show:

  • creative use of materials
  • innovative town planning ideas
  • clear explanations of why and how you would make those changes
  • use of relevant local information and data
  • awareness of sustainability issues
  • Where can I look for inspiration?

Planners may use drawings, models or computer programs to showcase their ideas. You could create a model of your local place and take images of the place before and after. Have a look at local maps or your council’s plans for your area and then create your own version for the future. Learn more about planning and sustainability using our resources for Primary and Secondary schools. Increase your knowledge and awareness of planning and sustainability issues using some of our resources. Our Horizon projects look at big issues like ‘Future Proofing Society’ and ‘Promoting Healthy Cities’. Remember, we want your ideas to be innovative, practical and presented in a creative way.

The competition closes on World Town Planning Day (8th November 2017).

All entries must be submitted by email to careers@rtpi.org.uk by 11PM (GMT) on Wednesday 8th November 2017….

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