IHBC CPD boost on current affairs: DBW does Brexit compilation 

DBW article on BrexitIHBC’s Wiki partner Designing Buildings Wiki, the construction sector’s knowledge base, offers readers a ‘Brexit compilation’ that may be of interest to IHBC members.

DBW writes:

Brexit has been seen as a potential risk to the construction industry in the UK, in particular, in relation to the skills shortage, the import and export of materials and services, regulations and standardisation, the value of the pound, research collaboration and funding and so on.

There are a number of detailed articles about Brexit on Designing Buildings Wiki:

  • Architects’ Brexit statement.
  • Brexit – the case for infrastructure.
  • Brexit Topic Guide.
  • BSRIA Brexit white paper.
  • BSRIA response to Brexit speech.
  • BSRIA response to Brexit white paper.
  • Building to higher standards post-Brexit.
  • Compensation events and Brexit.
  • HVAC and smart energy post-Brexit.
  • Overcoming the challenges of Brexit.
  • Post brexit, house building and construction remains a safe sustainable industry.
  • Post-Brexit vision for construction.
  • Safeguarding infrastructure post-Brexit.
  • Skills shortage and Brexit.
  • What does Brexit mean for construction?
  • Will Brexit shake UK construction?

See links at DBW

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