DBW on Wales: Featuring Context 149 on ‘A pigsty’s hidden history’

Coedtrewernau MillDesigning Buildings Wiki (DBW) has featured Context’s ‘A pigsty’s hidden history’, on small vernacular agricultural buildings in Wales, by Cyllene Griffiths, joining DBW’s 5000 articles on offer to it 6,500 registered users and 3 million users annually.

Coedtrewernau Mill and pigsty in 2009 (Photo: Powys County Council)

The author writes:

Small vernacular agricultural buildings in Wales, almost all unlisted, many at risk and often the subject of planning applications, may have more to tell us than meets the eye. Any historic environment professional who deals with casework will recognise that there are frequent and persistent applications for the conversion, alteration or demolition of the smaller agricultural buildings. This is especially true of those located in the Welsh landscape.

The types of buildings we are considering are the pigsties, small barns, stables, dairies and other working buildings which were essential elements of the historic farmyard….

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