IHBC’s Course Connection Day 2017: Free support & networking for conservation-curious student reps, Brum, 23 Nov – Ask Carla ASAP!

CC Days websiteThe IHBC’s celebrated ‘Course Connection Day’ takes a new twist in 2017 as students on any UK specialist course can apply to join the IHBC for a free, expenses-paid introductory day of conservation and career support, with limited places allocated on application to IHBC Support Officer and lead for the Day, Carla Pianese.

IHBC Education Secretary, architect and welcoming host for the day, Andrew Shepherd said: ‘Since 2013 the IHBC has hosted its annual ‘Conservation Course Connection Days’, an innovative programme of support for students representing conservation-related academic courses across the UK.’

‘This year I am delighted that we are extending the opportunity to attend to interested student representatives from any UK conservation and heritage-related post-graduate or specialist courses or training programmes – including architecture, urban design and conservation, as well as heritage, history and archaeology studies, and relevant training courses.’

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly, who will contribute on the day, said: ‘As conservation specialists we all know that academic and advanced vocational training open a wide variety of career paths linked to conservation, but these are only an early step on the ladder: specialist support and, for some, conservation accreditation such as IHBC membership, can make all the difference to learning and career paths.’

‘Conservation is a multidisciplinary process, and those starting their career have a variety of different skills, experiences and backgrounds.  The IHBC is advancing its mission to help all those seeking a role to play in built and historic environment conservation.

‘Our Course Connection Day for 2017 is our next shot at helping the widest body of enthusiastic, early career interests in how we understand, care for and change valued places.’

IHBC Support Officer Carla Pianese, who will lead on the Day, said: ‘We hope that this cross-sector event will help support, develop and grow the network of students with any interests in built historic environment conservation, both in the UK and beyond.  This way we can increase awareness conservation across the diverse disciplines that help care for places, and with that, help conservation help people!’

Places are strictly limited and allocated based strictly on approved applications.

To apply for a place and travel support simply contact the lead for the day, IHBC’s Support Officer Carla Pianese at support@ihbc.org.uk

To find out more about the IHBC’s 2017 Course Connection Day visit the IHBC CCD website and download the Information and Guidance packs

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