Spot the Bull: Time-lapse video shows revamp of Bracknell town centre

BBC video Bracknell 160917The BBC has posted a time lapse video of the redevelopment of Bracknell town centre, work that involved the demolition of the town’s (big) ‘Brutalist’ centre but the ‘refurbishment’ of the (small) Bull pub, which ‘dates back to the 15th century’.

The BBC writes:

Bracknell in Berkshire will reclaim its town centre when a £240m shopping and leisure development opens on Thursday.

The opening of the one million sq ft foot (93,000 sq m) Lexicon centre ends a five-year construction project.

The scheme involved the demolition of a third of the old town centre, which has been widely criticised for its Brutalist architecture.

Designated as one of 10 new towns in 1949, Bracknell was originally built to help alleviate the post-war housing shortage.

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