‘What is a marketing exercise for ‘BAR’ and ‘HAR’?  IHBC answers in our new ToolBox Guidance Note on ‘Marketing of heritage assets’ 

If you are looking for answers to marketing your heritage at risk (HAR), check out the IHBC’s new Guidance Note on the ‘Marketing of heritage assets’, just launched on our ToolBox resource (GN2017/6).

IHBC research consultant and lead author on the IHBC’s Notes, Bob Kindred, writes:

This is a short guidance note regarding what should constitute a marketing exercise as a preliminary to considering significant change to listed buildings-at-risk. It is also applicable where a proposed change of use would lead to unacceptable physical alteration, and the local planning authority would require evidence of a marketing campaign to demonstrate no viable alternatives.

Further information would be welcome for further updates of this note regarding the scope and content of past marketing exercises. Custom and practice suggests that the minimum timescale usually considered appropriate for a proper marketing campaign is 12 months but details of cases where the local authority considered a period of less than of 12 months to be sufficient would be helpful.

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘IHBC Guidance Notes are produced as part of an integrated resource offering online support for conservation practitioners, the IHBC’s ‘Toolbox’.’

‘Our Toolbox has been developed to help inform, advise and guide anyone with specialist interests in built and historic environment conservation.  Already it offers a wide range of basic resources – the ‘tools’ in the toolbox – from primary research and guidance produced by or on behalf of the IHBC, all in line with technical, academic and practice advice and standards supported or endorsed by the Institute.’

‘This Guidance Note on the marketing of threatened heritage addresses one of the most fundamental considerations in conservation practice – finance.  By advising on known knowledge gaps in policy and practice such as this, our ToolBox fulfils the role for which it was conceived and designed’.



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