Heritage 2020 @HeritageChat a twitter initiative for historic environment sector

Heritage Chat 2017Heritage 2020 sets up monthly #HeritageChat for the historic environment sector using the handle @HeritageChat.

Heritage 2020 is a major new initiative to strengthen partnerships and collaborative working across the historic environment sector in order to sustain and promote the historic environment of England, encourage access and broaden knowledge for a variety of audiences. Organisations from across the historic environment sector are working together to address priorities for collaborative working which are set out in the Heritage 2020 Framework under five strategic themes: Capacity building, Constructive Conservation & Sustainable Management, Discovery Identification & Understanding, Helping Things to Happen, and Public Engagement.

Heritage2020 is proposing to set up a monthly #HeritageChat for the historic environment sector using the handle @HeritageChat. This will increase the opportunities for the sector to contribute directly to Heritage2020 activity and give Heritage2020 the chance to connect with the sector more widely. From 10th-16th August, Heritage2020 ran a Twitter poll to see how many people would be interested in following or tweeting during a monthly #HeritageChat. They would like different organisations to take turns in running the monthly chats: if you’re interested in taking part and would like to learn more about how a #HeritageChat might work see Heritage 2020 Get Involved. Currently, Heritage2020 is looking for indications of interest, both from those who would be interested in taking part in a monthly #HeritageChat by following the chats online or tweeting during the hour-long sessions, but also from organisations who may wish to host one of the monthly sessions. For organisations interested in hosting a #HeritageChat, or to suggest potential topics for a #HeritageChat, please email Caroline Peach at heritage2020@theheritagealliance.org.uk.

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