South Downs National Park endorsed whole Estate Plan

Wiston website 050917The Wiston Whole Estate Plan 2017-2030 was approved by the South Downs National Park Authority’s Policy and Resource Committee on 20 July 2017.

South Downs National Park Authority writes:

The Whole Estate Plan for the Wiston Estate has been developed by the owners and estate team and will be used to guide the management of and investment in the Estate between now and 2030. The plan is supported by technical studies by conversations and thinking that has been carried out by a range of people that have an interest or ‘stake’ in the estate. The plan sets out our vision. We put this forward as

an expression of the way we want the estate to be in 2030. We will use it to guide us, and others, as we work towards this goal. This vision is connected to and has arisen from a detailed understanding of the estate’s history, its context, its composition, the way estate assets are used and the contribution that they make to ecosystem services, and to the economic, environmental and social well-being of the local area.

The plan explains the approach that we expect to take to the management of estate assets. The plan then identifies some of the projects that we plan to bring forward to help achieve our vision and to support our local Neighbourhood groups in delivering theirs.

The inclusion of a development proposal within a WEP however does not guarantee that planning permission will be granted and any proposal will still need to be comply with relevant development plan policies. A WEP can also be used to help guide and support funding bids, future neighbourhood plan production, agri-environment and forestry schemes and with other Natural Capital projects.

An endorsed Whole Estate Plan (WEP) will be a material consideration in determining planning applications and will provide a solid understood contextual background to any development proposals.

Endorsed Whole Estate Plans

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