Scottish Civic Trust 50th Anniversary celebration: Nominations sought for 50 favourite doors!

Scottish CV Opendoors 2017To celebrate its 50th anniversary the Scottish Civic Trust is seeking nominations for the 50 favourite Scottish doors, in a project partnership with Aberdeen Asset Management and part of the Doors Open Days 2017, supported by Historic Environment Scotland.

The SCT writes:

As part of its 50th anniversary celebration the Scottish Civic Trust is inviting everyone from celebrities to members of the public to nominate their favourite Scottish door.  For fifty consecutive days this summer, we will celebrate a favourite door to a Scottish building.  Find out what happened behind each door to make it so special in people’s lives – Granny’s house? First holiday? Best gig? School? Favourite castle? Even a pub?

Celebrities, professionals, sporting stars and politicians are just some of the people being asked to nominate a door and tell us why the building behind this door is so significant to them and perhaps taking a selfie with the door or including a drawing or even a poem!

Martin Gilbert, Chief Executive of AAM, has kicked things off with nomination of two doors: the former Pupils House at Robert Gordon’s College, which brings back great memories and where members of his family also attend, and the Royal and Ancient Clubhouse in St Andrews the home of golf, a sport he loves to play to unwind and relax.

Chef Nick Nairn has nominated the archway in Aberdeen’s St Nicholas Church which leads into a chapel and memorial for the victims of the Piper Alpha disaster in and singer, songwriter Fiona Kennedy OBE has nominated the front door of Fyvie Castle in Aberdeenshire which has the biggest key she has ever seen!   Author A.L. Kennedy has nominated the large double doors to Blackness Library in Perth while historian Tom Devine has nominated the door of Iona Abbey through which he led his daughter on her wedding day.

The Scottish Civic Trust is linking the fifty doors through its Doors Open Days Twitter feed (@DoorsOpenDays) and Facebook pages (/dodscotland), as well as publishing each day’s chosen door on the home page of the Doors Open Days website and the News page.  50 Favourite Scottish Doors counts down to the launch of Doors Open Days 2017 on Friday 1st September at The Botanic Cottage, RBGE, winner of Scottish Civic Trust My Place Award 2017. Day one was Friday 14th July and day fifty is Friday 1st September.

The list of people we have asked to nominate their favourite door includes actors, musicians, artists, architects, politicians, historians, My Place Photography Competition winners, My Place Awards winners, athletes, writers, entrepreneurs but anyone can get involved by submitting nomination online at

For any further information contact John Pelan Tel 0141 221 1466 or email


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