IHBC Membership Benefits update: ‘Money is not the barrier’ to progress in your heritage career, job or trade – from low fees to no fees…’

IHBC Members Benefits pageMoney is not the barrier to support for any career, job or trade progress in the heritage sector as the low-fee IHBC also offers numerous support mechanisms to make sure that our members have the best financial support possible to advance their ambitions in any part of the heritage sector.

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘IHBC fees are already low for the support we offer, but for some years now IHBC trustees have been developing a suite of financial supports for members in challenging financial circumstances – from sector-specific low wages, to early career challenges and even personal crisis situations.’

‘So today the IHBC offers members has a host of support and incentives to make sure heritage ambitions face no reasonable financial barriers to informed heritage learning with the IHBC.’

For example:

  • IHBC fees are substantially less than those for comparable specialist bodies
  • Default 50% fee reduction for lower waged (under £17,500)
  • Fee support of up to 100% for those in need (below £12,500) and volunteering in the sector
  • IHBC imposes no charge to advance membership categories, such as when seeking conservation accreditation as Associate or Full Member
  • Administration fees for new members are not required if applicants are part of an IHBC TeamStarter-linked training programme
  • IHBC offers a ‘no questions asked’ crisis support benefit of 1 year free membership for members facing emergency issues such job loss or comparable personal issues
  • All this support means that there is no financial excuse to avoid the great benefits, networks, services and opportunities on offer to all IHBC members.

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