Belfast dry docks may lose listed building status

Two dry docks which are the oldest part of Belfast’s port may lose listed status as a result of a review by Northern Ireland’s heritage authorities, the Belfast Telegraph reports.

The Department for Communities has asked Belfast City Council for its views on delisting the two Clarendon graving docks, close to the Belfast Harbour Commissioners Office. A report to the council’s planning committee said: ‘The department is currently considering the delisting of the following and would welcome the views of the council on this matter. They have been recommended for delisting because they do not meet the criteria to be a listed building. Both graving docks are scheduled, rather than listed, as a more appropriate form of protection.’

Both docks would not be under formal protection, but would be subject to planning law..…

Nikki McVeigh, chief executive of the Ulster Architectural Heritage Society, said the group normally did not support delisting per se. She said: ‘In this very unique instance, it probably is fine, because the docks have scheduling protection. They are not taking away protection – they are moving to a more appropriate form of protection.’

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