London’s Skyline Campaign launches petition against change to Westminster’s tall buildings policy

Skyline Campaign website 17/05/2017The Skyline Campaign has launched a petition against proposed change to Westminster Council’s policy on tall buildings, arguing it would be the ‘kiss of death to conservation’, and describing the consultation questionnaire as ‘devious and dishonest’.

The consultation documentation states that one way to achieve growth is to build higher – either by adding storeys to existing properties or by ‘building significantly taller buildings’. A council survey asks respondents to give their opinions on tall buildings.

The Skyline Campaign has called for the ‘devious and dishonest’ questionnaire to be disregarded. ‘In reality the majority of the questions are phrased and grouped in such a way as to ensure that hapless respondents will be acquiescing to more and taller buildings without even realising that they are doing such a thing,’ its petition states.’

The petition notes: ‘Westminster Council already has at its disposal very well-considered and carefully drafted policies that regulate tall buildings. There is no need to rewrite them. This is the latest attempt to undermine such policies to achieve a laissez-faire regime that will not be able to stop any degree of inappropriate development. This would be the kiss of death to conservation in Westminster.’ 

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