Brodsworth Hall ‘posh privy’ unveiled: BBC Celebrates!

An outdoor privy at Brodsworth Hall, near Doncaster, South Yorkshire is being hailed as ‘one of the poshest in the country’ after being restored at a Victorian country house.

The BBC writes:

The privy at Brodsworth Hall, near Doncaster, South Yorkshire, was originally built in the 1860s. In its heyday, its contents, dubbed ‘night soil’, were emptied daily and spread on the gardens by staff.

English Heritage, which now runs the site, said the privy had been restored to its former glory. English Heritage’s Kendra Grahame-Clarke said the privy was restored using archival information found at the hall, and is now ‘one of the poshest outdoor privies in the country’. She said although the facility does not have running water, it features a hole under the seat which can be accessed by a trapdoor allowing ‘a servant/gardener to collect and spread the night soil at dusk’.

The toilet is in its own ‘secret garden’ and also features a pagoda-style roof and pergola trellis. The original toilet, built by George Ball for three pounds and five shillings, was surrounded by heavily scented blooms, and provided a respite for members of the Thellusson family, who lived at the house.


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