IHBC Course Connection Day 2016 – Videos offer first hand insights to students’ diverse philosophies

CC Days websiteThe IHBC’s ‘Conservation Course Connection Day’ (CCCD) is the institute’s main annual event supporting conservation students, and recently posted videos of the most recent day, in Birmingham in November 2016, demonstrated a healthy diversity of conservation perspectives among early career practitioners.

IHBC Support Officer, Carla Pianese, who led the day, said: ‘As a follow-up from the Course Day, we are delighted to share the videos of the day showing a short presentation of the delegates and their consideration on ‘Conservation’ and what it represents for them.’

‘Each delegate reported different interestingly considerations and perspective on conservation, also from different countries, such as Philippines where Xander Lacson (links to his video ) reports that there is lot of people in conservation mainly in academia and he is more interested to the practical side.’

‘Thomas Taylor considers preservation of historic buildings as an art form

whereas Sarah highlights the importance of passion as skill to be successful in conservation.

‘For Suehyi Ng education through  storytelling is a fundamental part of historic building conservation.

while Sneha Kishnadwala recognises the importance of conservation as ‘connection’ to pass it on to future generations.’

‘These reflections are particularly useful for us and show the interest and different points of view of the young heritage professionals.’

On the day, Oliver Brodrick-Ward, student on the IHBC-recognised MSc in Historic Conservation at Oxford Brookes University,  asked why we don’t go to every conservation course in the UK and talk about what IHBC does.  While that would be wonderful, capacity in a team as small as ours is the problem.’

‘This is why we asked to the students to feedback their classmates in whatever way is suitable for them and I am still collecting wonderful examples. So, we are proud to extend our support and be able to offer a special ‘Thanks’ to the student with the most successful feedback: the possibility of a free place at our 2017 Annual School on Historic Transport Infrastructure, in Manchester in June. Stay tuned to hear about the result!’

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