IHBC East Anglia offers no-frills CPD on ‘Traditional Repairs’ Day! 16 May – Orchard Barn restoration project

IHBC East Anglia branch eventThe IHBC’s East Anglia Branch has organised a one-day workshop ‘traditional repairs’ – with talks and hands-on experience of lime plaster, wattle and daub, clay lump and timber frame repair –on 16 May at Orchard Barn, Suffolk.

Branch Chair Heather Jermy said: ‘Understanding how traditional materials work is an important part of assessing their significance and specifying their repair. This interactive course, combining talks and hands-on experience, provides a good overview of many of traditional materials found in the East of England.’

The seminar will be of interest to those concerned over the protection of the historic environment in East Anglia and those involved in delivering the conservation of heritage assets and protection outcomes.

To book a place contact Amanda Rix: amanda.rix1@btinternet.com

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