IHBC handed ‘Keys to…Historic Buildings’: Somerset House, 3 May – CIOB and NT

Courtesy of the organisers the IHBC will host a stand at the joint National Trust (NT) and CIOB event entitled ‘Keys to the successful operation of historic buildings’, to take place on 3 May in Somerset House.

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘We are delighted to be able to take up this generous offer for what will be a most interesting day of CPD and networking.’

‘This focus on the ‘operation’ of buildings as elements the real world of people is an important counterpoint to the more exclusively cultural perspectives that can dominate perceptions in the heritage sector.  It is especially useful for the IHBC to be there as a corrective, and make sure the perceptions are more representative and the fit across heritage and development more effective.’

CIOB writes:

The CIOB in collaboration with the National Trust and Somerset House are delighted to present this one day event focusing on the key tools to ensure the successful operation of historic buildings.

The day will include presentations, interactive case studies and real-life examples of where innovative and effective methods have been used to maintain and restore existing buildings.

By providing an overview of the materials and methods required for high quality retrofit and using real life case studies, the event will provide a forum to discuss conservation principles and provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the issues facing professionals in the sector…

The day will conclude with a networking session and drinks reception.

Please note: in 2016 this event was oversubscribed, so we encourage you to book early.

View the full agenda

To book see the website

For background see the CIOB website

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