New cases and updates on IHBC’s LB Prosecutions Database

IHBC Listed Prosecutions DB Commentary front coverA recent update of the IHBC’s Listed Building (LB) prosecutions database has resulted in nearly 10 new cases being added to the listing, as well as an overhaul of the contents.

IHBC’s Research Consultant Bob Kindred, who developed and maintains the list, writes:

‘It was in 1996 that the Institute’s predecessor the Association of Conservation Officers established a database to assist a local authority in the successful criminal prosecution of an errant Member of Parliament.’

IHBC continues to maintain the National Database of Listed Building Prosecutions which has been accessible online since 2012.’

‘About 9 cases have been added recently, but some authorities are still not notifying IHBC of the outcomes of cases.  There is no obligation to notify the Institute as the database is compiled on the basis of volunteered information.  However additional entries are always gratefully received (irrespective of the degree of success of the outcome).’

Cases can continue to be forwarded by e-mail to either or, preferably with at least the baseline information as set out in the main online Table.

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See relevant Local Government Ombudsman reports

For an online listing see the relevant tabs on the webpage and the Listed Buildings Prosecution DB Commentary

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