Tutbury villagers win row over poppy wreath holders display honouring war dead

Telegraph website 10 March 2017Villagers have won a row about honouring their war dead, as a Church judge ruled they can use a wreath holder to display poppies all year round.

The Telegraph (6 March 2017) reports that residents in Tutbury, Staffordshire, put forward a proposal to buy two holders so they could display poppies and other wreaths at the Grade I-listed St Mary’s Church.  The plan ran into opposition from Historic England and the local parish council, who raised concerns the displays may be too prominent in the curtilage of the church and may not be in keeping with the listed building.

The council added that it was unnecessary or inappropriate for the wreaths to remain in place for so long. The Chancellor of the Diocese, has over-ridden the objections and ruled that such a long term tribute to the ward heroes is appropriate.

He said: ‘This means that the introduction of wreath holders is a proper measure in the process of improving and restoring the memorial.’

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