Tree protester evicted from A-listed hotel site in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket

A person protesting against a £65m hotel development in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket – which includes the 19th Century A-listed India Buildings – has left a tree he has been living in after a sheriff granted an eviction notice to developers.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: ‘A protest at a construction site in the Cowgate area of Edinburgh has now concluded peacefully and all non-construction personnel have now left the area.’

Andy Jansons, who is managing the development on behalf of Dreamvale Properties Ltd, said: ‘I respect everyone’s right to a view on development proposals, but this demonstration has raised very serious safety issues for our staff, the protestors themselves and indeed for local residents.’

Protester Mr Byrom claimed the council’s decision to approve the sale of the land and grant planning permission was ‘a dereliction of democracy’.

He claimed the development was opposed by ward councillors, the local MP, the local MSP, and the local community council.

The land taken over by the developers had been public land for ‘many, many years’ and had been set aside for the benefit of the people of Edinburgh and for the future of the city library, he said.

The library, he added, needed to be renovated and extended. Those opposing the sale of the land, he said, had called for a judicial review at the Court of Session.

Sheriff McGowan pointed out to Mr Byrom that he had no legal right to occupy the land or the tree.

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