IHBC launches new ‘Membership benefits’ page: Let your colleagues see the value in IHBC… and that’s before our accreditation!

IHBC Members Benefits pageIt can be hard to keep track of the diverse array of benefits in IHBC membership today, so we have drawn them together into a simple web page listing, so IHBC members can easily direct colleagues to what is on offer for IHBC fees, and that’s before we get to the career benefits of our interdisciplinary professional accreditation!

IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly said: ‘These days it can be hard even for IHBC officers and trustees to remember just how much there is to be gained by IHBC members for their fees.  This new page will be a one-stop shop for anyone who’s focused first on finding out what the immediate payback for their fees might be.’

‘Of course these are the icing on the institute’s cake, as the real benefit in IHBC membership is the professional credibility and career-supporting credentials offered by our inter-disciplinary conservation accreditation.’

‘We fully understand that such accreditation is not a priority for everyone, so offering this suite of benefits and support for – at most – under £100 after tax relief, is pretty remarkable value.  And it can be much cheaper too for low-earners, most students and anyone facing career challenges.

‘So whatever your interest is in heritage or conservation, take a look at what the IHBC offers.’

VISIT the new page

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