IHBC Marsh Awards 2017 launched: Nominations for retired IHBC members and new heritage learners, closing end March 2017

IHBC Marsh Awards imageThe IHBC’s new Marsh Awards programme, developed in partnership with the Marsh Christian Trust, has entered its second year with the launch of the 2017 Awards, celebrating retired IHBC members and successful learners in heritage practice, with prizes that include £500 and a free place at the IHBC’s Annual School, with a closing date of 31 March 2017.

IHBC President David McDonald said: ‘These awards represent a very welcome partnership between the IHBC and the Marsh Awards, one that is focused on celebrating major contributors to heritage conservation, both for today and for the future.’

‘IHBC members often continue in practice long after any formal retirement, but when they do forgo their professional conservation activities – and associated obligations such as CPD – often they continue to play active roles as volunteers in local community heritage issues.  Indeed their skills, honed in practice over many years, can still make a huge difference to their local communities.’

IHBC Chair James Caird said: ‘The IHBC’s Marsh Award for Retired Members of the IHBC celebrates how their deep skills, knowledge and experience can continue to help local communities in heritage care and understanding after their professional practice has ended.’

‘And while IHBC members are, of course, always learning, our ‘Successful Learning’ award is geared specifically to those who have demonstrated success in acquiring new technical skills in any heritage area.  That makes this award a perfect complement to our highly regarded IHBC Gus Astley Student Award, which celebrates course work on taught courses in the UK.’

‘Like the annual Student Award, winners of the new Marsh Awards will be offered places at our Annual School.  That way we can make sure that the School brings together – and celebrates – the key communities that shape local conservation outcomes: learners, practitioners and skilled volunteers.’

For the Marsh Christian Trust, sponsors of the awards, founder and Chairman Brian Marsh OBE said: ‘We set up these Awards with the IHBC in order to recognise the outstanding contributions of individuals in sustaining and passing on vital skills in conservation through collaborative working, teaching and sharing best practice. Hopefully the Awards, in a small way, will help raise the profile of this important discipline and encourage more people to pass on their knowledge’.

The IHBC Marsh Awards write:

  • The IHBC Marsh Award for Community Contribution (Retired Member) is offered to celebrate the contribution of a retired IHBC member to the community (e.g. through BPT involvement, neighbourhood planning, civic and local trusts with heritage interests).
  • IHBC Marsh Award for Successful Learning in Heritage Skills is designed to recognise the contribution of an individual for their significant learning in traditional building activities and craft skills.

Both awards support the IHBC’s work as we help keep the essential conservation skills and knowledge alive through training, teaching, shared experience and example.

Each award is marked by a certificate, and a free residential place at the IHBC’s renowned Annual School in June each year, worth about £500, and £500 cash, with cheques written directly to the winners.

The Marsh Awards are the brainchild of Brian Marsh OBE, chairman of the Trust, who wanted to support areas such as conservation and volunteering but needed to identify some special way of ensuring a modest sum of money made an impact.

Who can be Nominated?
The IHBC Marsh Award for Community Contribution (Retired Member) is open to any retired Full Member of the IHBC who has, since their retirement, worked on the historic environment for the good of a community.

The IHBC Marsh Award for Successful Learning in Heritage Skills is open to anyone who has acquired new technical skills related to the appropriate care, maintenance or improvement of buildings and their context.

Who can make a Nomination?
Anyone interested in how people care for our places may nominate an individual for either award as relevant, whether they are, for example, a teacher, fellow practitioner, client, civic representative, property owner or planner.

Entries will be judged by a panel consisting of representatives from the Marsh Christian Trust and the IHBC but the final decision lies with the Marsh Christian Trust, ensuring independence and giving real value to the winners in terms of the recognition earned.

The Awards will be presented at the IHBC Annual School in June each year. For results see Context, the IHBC’s journal, IHBC Annual School edition. 

How to nominate
Visit the website for full details and complete the online form RETIRED or LEARNING giving details of the nominee and covering the following points:

  • a brief description of the activities contributed or the skills mastered,
  • how the individual made a difference to the benefit of the historic environment and/ or community through these activities or skills.
  • supporting information, such as a pictures, documents or website references relating to the nomination, which can be uploaded to the online form or included with the postal form.

If you are not able to complete an online application, you can download an application form in either Word or PDF from the website. Email the completed form to marshawards@ihbc.org.uk or post to Marsh Awards, IHBC, Jubilee House, High Street, Tisbury, Wiltshire SP3 6HA.

If you would like further guidance on your nomination please contact support@ihbc.org.uk.

For background see the IHBC NewsBlogs

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