IHBC consultation response: Managing Heritage Assets – A Guide for Local Government

ihbc_consultation_response_image2Historic England consulted on this document with a selected group of stakeholders, including the IHBC, with the IHBC Consultation Panel findings including that the document should refer to BS 7913: 2013 and better reflect the English Heritage advice on Disposal of Heritage Assets: Guidance note for government departments and non-departmental public bodies.

The Panel’s other findings include:

  • The document attempts to reinvigorate interest in heritage management but it is a weighty subject that may be a challenge for local authority councillors
  • It contains little content about keeping vacant local authority heritage assets in a stable condition pending the often lengthy period of disposal.
  • It does not reference Circular 06/03: Local Government Act 1972 General Disposal Consent (England) 2003
  • It has a very broad base and could include more detail if it is to address the serious difference to the decline of heritage assets through poor management.
  • It should include advice on preventing poor practices, ensuring correct construction skills are used and underscoring breathability
  • It should explicitly remind local authorities that they are responsible for taking care of what is defined as BARS (Buildings at Risk).


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