IHBC Jobs etc – the service that helps careers, employers and heritage: from ‘property heads’ to ‘facilities managers’, with £6,127,878 salaries (stated, max, to date) and 69% citing ‘IHBC’

IHBC Jobs etc 600x171The IHBC has just released some internal employment data from our sector-wide IHBC Jobs etc service, which to date this year has advertised posts with a combined maximum of more than £6million of stated salaries, for posts from property heads to facilities managers, and with 69% postings recommending IHBC membership or more. 

IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly said: ‘Times are of course very tough in our sector, as they have been for the decade and a half since our conservation service data-collection began.  But the IHBC and our membership have grown substantially in recent years.’

‘The IHBC Jobs etc service is the most obvious demonstration of just how far our reach and credibility have extended across full spectrum of specialist built and historic environment conservation-related activities.’

‘With more than £6million in collective salaries on offer since the start of the year – that’s without the adverts that don’t state salaries – and nearly 70% saying IHBC membership is required or preferred, there’s no more solid confirmation of the value of IHBC membership and accreditation to careers where the built and historic environment practice meets conservation issues!’

‘And with the ever-widening recognition of the importance of conservation skills and experience in key property management and development roles, the opportunities for conservation accredited IHBC members are increasing all the time.’

‘The IHBC Jobs etc service is perfectly placed to help employers and employees’.  We know that our sector is very cost-conscious, but we also know that trying to save pennies on getting the right people only hurts employers in the long run!’

‘So do remember that IHBC Jobs etc’s charity fees are a once-only charge for a post, and cost less than 1% of the annual employer’s cost for the average IHBC member.  Given current employer responsibilities to staff and to clients, missing out on reaching the right, skilled and accredited practitioners is probably the biggest mistake recruiters can make.  With IHBC Jobs etc it is also the most easily rectified.’

‘Sourcing conservation skills through IHBC Jobs etc is, as we say, ‘the best way to reach the professionals you need’.’

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