IHBC welcomes its first Vice President: Mike Brown IHBC

Following formal agreement by IHBC trustees in April to extend capacity at the highest levels of the organization, the Board is delighted to announce the election of its first Vice President, Mike Brown, who takes up this annual, renewable, portfolio-led post linked first to ongoing sector discussions with England’s Historic Environment Forum, HEF.

IHBC Chair James Caird said: ‘The IHBC is very lucky to have Mike Brown continue to serve the Institute in this new role of Vice-President, and we are very grateful to him for his continuing contribution to its leadership.’

‘It is particularly appropriate that he should continue as a leading contributor, on behalf of the Institute, to the work of the Historic Environment Forum with which he is already closely involved.’

Mike Brown said, ‘It is a real honour to be appointed by the Trustees as the Institute’s first Vice-President and I can only express my sincere gratitude at the vote of confidence this entails.   Our Chairman, James Caird, has already charged me with a long list of tasks including keeping the Historic Environment Forum’s reform initiative rolling and helping develop Heritage 2020, the sector-wide replacement for the National Heritage Protection Plan.  I will also be helping out with government initiatives in Wales, so there will be plenty to do.’

‘I look forward to working closely with our President – David McDonald, the Trustees and our staff in ensuring the future success of the IHBC’.

IHBC President David McDonald said: ‘The IHBC’s Trustees can be congratulated on this forward-thinking appointment. It will ensure that the Institute continues, through Mike Brown, to make a major contribution to the way that historic environment professionals’ roles and responsibilities develop in the future.’

IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly said: ‘This newly-created role evolves quite naturally from our wider exploration of how we might add voluntary capacity to the Institute’s operations, a strategy that many will recognise as part of our ‘IHBC+’ programme of ‘experimental evolution’.  These ambitions are reflected also in our expansion of Committee and panel roles, as well as our new UK-wide forum for members at all stages of their career and accreditation, our popular Council+.’

‘So if you want to find out more about how to get involved get in touch with your Branch, or the national office through Carla, our support officer, who can guide you in the right direction.’

‘And remember, volunteering for the IHBC doesn’t have to be for life, but it certainly can help your career!’

For more background on Council+ see content and links in the IHBC NewsBlogs

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