IHBC’s 2016 AGM sees new officers elected, along with some familiar faces


IHBC School imageAt the IHBC’s 2016 Annual General Meeting, on 24 June 2016, chaired by IHBC President David McDonald, James Caird has been elected IHBC Chair, succeeding Mike Brown, with new faces leading the national committees to include Roy Lewis, as Policy Secretary and Bridget Turnbull as Education Secretary, as well as the more familiar Dave Chetwyn, IHBC past chair, returning now as Communications and Outreach Secretary.

IHBC_AGM_2016Other returning chairs and officers include Richard Morrice, Treasurer; Jo Evans, IHBC Secretary; Kathy Davies, Vice Chair, and David Kincaid, now Membership Secretary though previously Policy Secretary.  Nominated Branch representatives have been appointed in accordance with Branch recommendations.  Outgoing officers were thanked warmly for their substantial and contributions. 

Arrangements and nominations for the AGM elections were circulated to members in the AGM papers, and more details on the elected officers will be posted on the IHBC’s website in the coming weeks.

For more on Branch representatives see links from the Branch page 

For details on the IHBC and its corporate structures and officers see links from our ‘About’ page

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