IHBC’s 3rd ‘Conservation Course Connection Day’: 18 Nov – Will your course be represented?

Old Joint Stock

IHBC CCD Venue: The Old Joint Stock Birmingham

To help develop conservation skills at all levels, the IHBC now hosts its annual and complementary ‘Course Connection Day’ for student representatives on relevant UK conservation courses, with the institute  paying student travel costs, so make sure your course is represented at our next course connection day on 18 November in Birmingham, check with your course director, or get them to contact the IHBC’s director, Sean O’Reilly, at director@ihbc.org.uk.

IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly said: ‘If you are interested in going along to our next Connection Day, in Birmingham this November, or you would like to make sure your course is represented there, do check with your course director or ask them to get in touch with me to explore this unique learning and networking opportunity.’

‘And remember, as with our annual Gus Astley Student Award, it’s not only for the IHBC’s recognised courses (see our website for those details at www.ihbc.org.uk) but for any courses with sufficient built and historic environment conservation content.’

‘The UK’s conservation courses are renowned globally for their conservation standards, and we’re keen to do all we can to support them. IHBC capacity is limited however, as we cover all the reasonable costs for the student delegates, so we can host only one lucky student per course.’

‘However as delegates also serve as representatives of their course, and report back to their fellow-students on the content of the day, we hope that our course connection day will add both capacity and networking opportunities across all the UK’s conservation courses.’

For further details contact your course director or leader in the first instance, and if necessary ask them to contact IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly at director@ihbc.org.uk

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