IHBC follows HESPR’s ‘flier’ start with a website rebrand

The IHBC has rebranded the HESPR website in a further development of service support for the IHBC’s conservation business community: Historic Environment Service Providers Recognised by the institute.

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘We’re keeping HESPR member fees the same for this year, while continuing the recent radical expansion of our HESPR support and benefits – including free listings in our Yearbook and a free advert on our much-lauded ‘Jobs etc’ service.’

‘Add in our innovative news alerts on commercial tender opportunities, exclusively available to HESPR members, and you have an unparalleled suite of support for conservation practices that seek a real commercial edge over their competitors!’

‘Just now too we are developing better links between prospective clients and HESPR members, so if you want to get into the HESPR community, and join the most dynamic and best value built or historic environment business listing, then take a look at HESPR!

HESPR writes:
The IHBC’s HESPR (Historic Environment Service Providers Recognition) scheme is a quality assurance and promotional service for businesses that work to conservation and service standards expected by the IHBC.  Practices recognised under the IHBC’s HESPR agree to observe the institute’s standards through maintaining a corporate link to the IHBC through their Designated Service Adviser (DSA), a nominated Full Member of the IHBC…

HESPR tender Bulletins are part of a new service for HESPR members to help them keep up to date with commercial and business opportunities locally as well as across the UK.  These are circulated to members regularly, often every two to three weeks, and feature heritage and heritage-related tender notifications for businesses of all sizes, from sole traders to large service operations with multi-disciplinary teams.  The notices cover opportunities across the UK and sometimes even beyond, and are classified according to IHBC Branches to help HESPR companies target what’s most relevant to them.

For the new website see: hespr.ihbc.org.uk

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