IHBC’s ‘CP20’: Final version for 2015 AGM

On June 3 IHBC trustees adopted the final version of the IHBC’s Corporate Plan for 2015-20 – our ‘CP20’ – for approval at the 2015 AGM in Norwich.

IHBC President Trefor Thorpe, who will chair the AGM on 19 June, said: ‘Detailed drafts of our new corporate plan – CP20 – have been in circulation across the membership and beyond since the December, taking themes that build on the extensive member consultations carried out last year especially, but also before then.’

‘Given the emphasis in CP20 on building on the success of the outgoing corporate plan for 2010-15 – ‘CP10’ – we’re confident that members will be content to adopt this final version as our working document for the next five years.’

IHBC Corporate Plan 2015-20 (‘CP20’) for adoption 19 June 2015

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