Context 139 - May 2015

16 C O N T E X T 1 3 9 : M A Y 2 0 1 5 C-section profile.These improvements enabled the deck to support the required pedestrian loadings and remain stable under dynamic load conditions, minimising risk and long-term maintenance issues for the structure. The parapet posts and railings to the bridge were assessed following cleaning to identify posts that could be reincorporated into the structure. Approximately 60 per cent of the original posts survived in the existing structure, but these were considerably weakened by poor repairs, fractures and casting flaws. The original intent had been to refurbish and return these items to the bridge. But, given their limited structural capacity and the essential safety role they played, it was decided following full consultation to replicate these posts in a cast steel that would provide the necessary structural capacity. A number of the original posts would then be Richard Baister is director of Heritage Project Management. used as bollards on the bridge approach. Following refurbishment of the stone towers and improved chain anchor restraints each side of the river, the bridge assemblies were returned for refitting on site. This operation was carefully coordinated to ensure that the correct camber of the bridge structure was achieved and that the structure was loaded evenly. The completed bridge is finished in Brunswick Green, a popular colour of the period, although findings from the paint analysis indicated that the bridge may have originally been painted white for a brief period after its completion. New timber planking was fitted to the refurbished deck structure. Access across the river for members of the public was provided for over 90 per cent of the duration of the project while the works were in progress. Works were finally completed in December 2014. The new bridge deck structure replaces the non- original deck. It provides greater structural capacity to the overall bridge structure while giving the appearance of the original design. New cast-steel posts replicate the original post design, with original railing sections and new modern stainless steel handrail incorporating LED lighting. Refurbished chains retain original links to the outer faces, with new links in between.