152 – November 2017

Context 152

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Listing’s 70th anniversary – DEBORAH MAYS

FLOORSCAPE – The heritage at our feet


Floors of the great medieval churches – DAVID HARRISON

Iron, glass and wood underfoot – ROB COWAN

Bath Abbey’s geothermal floor – DAISY NELSON and SARAH RICHARDSON

A glossary of paving –  A selection of entries from the forthcoming The Dictionary of Urbanism by Rob Cowan

Gustavo Giovannoni on planning in historic towns – MARC PIQUÉ i GASCÓN

Violet Pinwill, woodcarver – GRANT ELLIOTT

151 – September 2017
Annual School – Manchester 2017
Historic transport infrastructure:
the backbone of civilisation

Context 151 cover

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Sinews of the historic city


Style, quality and civic pride – Keynote speaker: Catherine Dewar, Historic England
Regenerating historic ports – Peter de Figueiredo
Managing the canal heritage – Nigel Crowe

Historic railway structures – Simon Bradley
Modern railways and their heritage – William Filmer-Sankey

Developing road and pedestrian infrastructure – Richard Brook
Green, connected cities – David Rudlin

Between land and sky – Kate Martyn and Victoria Perry
The impact of air development – Christina Petrides

Gus Astley and Marsh Awards



150 – July 2017
Conservation and Urbanism

Context 150

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149 – May 2017
Green Retrofit

Cover of Context 149

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LEGAL BRIEFING – Reconciling infrastructure and heritage

JOHN EDWARDS, guest commissioning editor – The retrofit process

JOHN PRESTON – The government, the industry and green retrofit

JOHN EDWARDS & PETER WARD – Understanding dampness

JO ATKINSON – Thermography for traditional buildings

PETER COX – A world perspective on retrofit

CARSTEN HERMANN – Improving the energy performance of historic buildings and urban areas

COLIN KING – How to deal with retrofit risks

CAROLINE RYE & CAMERON SCOTT – Understanding the performance of solid walls

PAUL SOUTHALL – Energy efficiency for the National Trust

DAVID LAMBERT – The Gardens Trust

DENIS RODWELL – The Romani palaces of Soroca

SUN PEIFANG – Hangzhou’s old and new heritages

CYLLENE GRIFFITHS – A pigsty’s hidden history

148 – March 2017
50th anniversity of the Civic Amenities Act

Context 148

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LEGAL BRIEFING – CPOs for Listed Buildings

KATHRYN DAVIES – We’re all in it together

TIMOTHY CANTELL – Antecedents from the American South

SIR DONALD INSALL – Chester: conservation as positive action

IAN HARVEY – The Big Conservation Conversation

NIGEL BARKER-MILLS – The challenges of community engagement

ROB LLOYD-SWEET and PETER BOLAND – Capacity building for understanding character

ROB LLOYD-SWEET – How to make conservation areas work

DAVID LAMBERT and HELEN MONGER – Conservation areas and protecting open space

R MARTIN SEDDON – Restoring Clitheroe Pinnacle

GWILYM HUGHES – New law for the Welsh historic environment

CATHERINE CROFT – Fitness for purpose: what does this mean

LISA McINTYRE – Annual diocesan advisory committees conference, Leicester

KEITH PARSONS – IHBC North West day conference, Liverpool