150 – July 2017
Conservation and Urbanism

Context 150

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149 – May 2017
Green Retrofit

Cover of Context 149

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LEGAL BRIEFING – Reconciling infrastructure and heritage

JOHN EDWARDS, guest commissioning editor – The retrofit process

JOHN PRESTON – The government, the industry and green retrofit

JOHN EDWARDS & PETER WARD – Understanding dampness

JO ATKINSON – Thermography for traditional buildings

PETER COX – A world perspective on retrofit

CARSTEN HERMANN – Improving the energy performance of historic buildings and urban areas

COLIN KING – How to deal with retrofit risks

CAROLINE RYE & CAMERON SCOTT – Understanding the performance of solid walls

PAUL SOUTHALL – Energy efficiency for the National Trust

DAVID LAMBERT – The Gardens Trust

DENIS RODWELL – The Romani palaces of Soroca

SUN PEIFANG – Hangzhou’s old and new heritages

CYLLENE GRIFFITHS – A pigsty’s hidden history

148 – March 2017
50th anniversity of the Civic Amenities Act

Context 148

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LEGAL BRIEFING – CPOs for Listed Buildings

KATHRYN DAVIES – We’re all in it together

TIMOTHY CANTELL – Antecedents from the American South

SIR DONALD INSALL – Chester: conservation as positive action

IAN HARVEY – The Big Conservation Conversation

NIGEL BARKER-MILLS – The challenges of community engagement

ROB LLOYD-SWEET and PETER BOLAND – Capacity building for understanding character

ROB LLOYD-SWEET – How to make conservation areas work

DAVID LAMBERT and HELEN MONGER – Conservation areas and protecting open space

R MARTIN SEDDON – Restoring Clitheroe Pinnacle

GWILYM HUGHES – New law for the Welsh historic environment

CATHERINE CROFT – Fitness for purpose: what does this mean

LISA McINTYRE – Annual diocesan advisory committees conference, Leicester

KEITH PARSONS – IHBC North West day conference, Liverpool

147 – November 2016
Protecting memory

Context 147

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BARBARA CUMMINS and ELIZABETH McCRONE Protecting memory through national designation

EMILY GEE Diversity on the list

CHRIS MIELE Valuing fitness for purpose

DENNIS RODWELL Painted facades and public memory

CAROLYN SHELBOURN Graffiti in the age of Banksy

JASON WOOD Playing for extra time


DOUGLAS CAMPBELL A revolutionary window mechanism?

PETER HINTON and JAN WILLS Meet the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists

146 – September 2016
Annual School

Cover of Context 146

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IHBC Annual School 2016 at Worcester: an overview
People power: catalyst for change – ANDREW MOTTRAM

IHBC Annual School Thursday tours

The Worcester Day School
Conservation as action and reaction NIGEL WALTER

Valuing heritage (at 7p a head) Speaker: LOYD GROSSMAN

People power: tourism, elitism and expertise JAMES SIMPSON and EUAN LEITCH

Graveyard humour and social media SARAH HAYES

These civil experts are light on their feet REBECCA MADGIN

Blaenavon: the world’s heritage JOHN RODGER

Hearth is where the home is KAREN LATIMER

Saturday Tours

Gus Astley Student Awards


Conservation as action and reaction NIGEL WALTER

Wimpole: conserving a designed ruin KAREN TEIDEMAN-BARRETT

Charging for certainty EMILY GEE 

Conserving Ruchill Hospital water tower IAN ANDREW